Rules - Being a Member of HGFA

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Rules - Being a Member of HGFA

Post by Alysanne Greenvale on Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:06 am

Greetings, bannerpeople.

So you want to be part of High Gardens Freedom.

Thank you for the interest, and read on to find out more about how our Alliance works and what is expected of its members - if you want to leave afterwards, no one will judge you!

Becoming a Member

(If you don't understand English very well, please tell us!)

Even though you've joined the alliance, you're not a definite member yet.

We expect proof of your interest in participating in Alliance activities, be it Alliance Challenges, Alliance versus Alliance (AvA) or at the very least interacting with other members and helping with their boss quests.

Once you join, you will receive 2 welcoming ravens, one from the leader and another from the Hand. You will also receive friend requests from both. You must reply to one of the ravens and accept one of the friend requests to become an actual member - failure to do so will result in expulsion.

Accepting the friend request requires you to go to the Diplomacy tab in your Messages menu and click the accept option.

To reply to a raven click the Reply option and send a Hello message.  

To send a raven at other times requires you to go into Messages, select Outgoing, and then the Send Raven option. When you start to type into the 'To' box names of your friends will be listed. Select Rosamund Greenvale or Merelee Uller. Then just type a thank you and hit send.

Membership also depends on activity - if you are inactive for longer than a month, you will be kicked out (with the option to rejoin if you become interested in the game again).

Note: We accept members of all fealties, not just to House Tyrell, so you may stay with us if you reincarnate into any other house.

How New Members can get involved

  • Add as many members as friends as possible, help them with their boss quests, Barter with them

  • Participate in Alliance Challenges - these work like boss quests, and members have to give certain resources to unlock the Challenges. You can choose to help unlock them or jump in once they're open only.

  • Participate in Alliance versus Alliance war games. Find a detailed explanation of how it works here and be warned - we are a peaceful alliance and we do not attack others unless we're attacked first so if you want to Fight and generally kick ass in AvA, this is probably not the Alliance for you!

Learn more about the different types of members and the rules for each here.


Please set your username as your in-game character name.
You can edit it in your profile at any time so you can change it later if you reincarnate.

If you already picked something else, let Susana Greenvale or Aaron Gwynn know and we'll change it for you)

Beyond the Gatehouse

After joining the forum, you can:

1. Go to the Introduction topic and let us know a bit about yourselves.

2. Browse through all the topics in case there's something relevant to your activities and interests (for example, the Library).

Banner Calls

Once you join an alliance, these are now available for when you are attacked in PtP. Do NOT issue one without mentioning it in chat first, they're dangerous and cost you silver. Likewise Do NOT immediately jump in if someone else issues one.

Being attacked can be alarming for new players but in reality it is more of a nuisance than a danger. Banner Calls can get very messy very quickly and diplomacy is often better at solving disputes.

So as an alliance we only respond to Banner Calls after your attacks are discussed in chat. If it turns out to be needed, know we'll take it seriously and do our best to protect you.

Now that you've finished learning about the rules (including all these), make your decision and if you want to stay with us and know us better, join the forum and request to be part of the Members usergroup!

Have fun, and let us know if you need anything else queen

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