Alliance Ranks and their Rules

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Alliance Ranks and their Rules

Post by Aaron Gwynn on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:47 am

HGFA Ranks

Please note:

  • Square brackets indicate [In game rank]

  • Curly brackets refer to a {List of positions available}

  • All ranks are listed in reverse order of authority from Rank 8 up to Rank 1. Where several positions hold the same 'Rank' the jurisdiction will be clearly outlined in the duties and responsibilities of each position.

We have Alliance rules and it should go without saying that
rules which apply to a lower rank also apply to every higher rank.

Ignorance of Alliance rules is not considered
a valid reason for breaking those rules


Members who are in game but not on forum.

It is the duty of an Associate Member to have fun playing the game. There are no requirements to join in with other members, chat, assist fellow members, participate in challenges or AvA activities. But if you don't want to do any of that, why did you join an alliance?


  • If an Associate Member receives a Raven from the [Leader] or [Officer] in game, the [Member] is required to respond. Lack of a response will be noted.

  • Check the Message Of The Day (MOTD) when you log on. This is the quickest and simplest way for The Crown to command the Alliance. Click the speech bubble (top right) to collapse the chat and reveal the larger MOTD window.

  • Do not issue a Banner Call without first raising the issue in chat.

  • Do not respond to a Banner Call unless authorised to do so by an [Officer]

  • Any [Member] participating in the 'Conflict' Stage (2) of the World Event must not launch hostile attacks against any alliance identified as a Friend. If such an attack is accidentally launched then the [Member] must immediately Raven the [Leader].

  • An Associate Member may be removed from the Alliance at any time without notification.


Members who are on forum but who otherwise prefer to interact little and play their own game at their own pace.


Members who actively contribute to our alliance in one way or another.

Senior Members are expected to contribute in some way, whether that is by being active in chat, contributing to challenges, or The World Event.


  • Senior Members are expected to notify a member of The Small Council when they reincarnate giving their previous name so Alliance records can be updated; A raven to the [Leader] stating your old name is all it takes.

  • Senior Members are encouraged (but not required) to inform a member of The Small Council if they intend to be way from the game for any length of time.

  • Unless they are noted as inactive for 30 days. A Senior Member will not be removed from the alliance without first receiving a raven and being given three days notice in which to respond.


Aspirant Councillors are seeking to become Councillors and undertake to prove that they are capable in that role.

Aspirant Councillors take responsible for helping and guiding our membership but have not yet proven themselves in that role. It is a probationary rank lasting no longer than one World Event Cycle, after which the individual is either promoted or demoted.

See Rank 4: Councillor for what is expected.


Councillors are responsible for helping and guiding our membership.
These are Aspirant Councillors who have proven themselves as active and helpful members of our community. A Councillor is expected to be active in in-game chat so that our membership know they are there.

The primary role of an Councillor is to know what is going on in the Alliance. Regularly check MOTD and make sure that the rest of the membership is kept up to date with that information.

A Councillor is not expected to be an encyclopaedia of GOTA knowledge or an expert in debugging the game. If faced with a question you cannot answer try one of the following:

  • Have you checked the Wiki?
  • Check the Wiki yourself then cut 'n' paste the link into chat for not only that member but any others lurking in the background)
  • Suggest the member send a raven to Susana or Gwynn.
  • Suggest the member contact the devs and raise a Support Ticket.


Member of the Small Council.

Alderman are Councillors who have shown that they want to be involved in the organisation and decision making of the alliance and therefore have been granted a place on the Small Council. In all other respects they are Councillors.


Member of the Small Council.

The Marshal is responsible for ensuring that AvA activities are carried out as efficiently as possible. Once the battle plan is authorised by the Small Council it is the duty of the Marshal to put it into effect within his/her region.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Making sure camps are opened and locked to ensure contribution efficiency.

  • Instructing members on when to garrison or evacuate the camps.

  • Organising which resources should be stockpiled and instructing the membership on when to contribute.

In the absence of a directive for The Crown or The Small Council, the Marshal is authorised to identify targets for AvA actions. Diplomatic requests from allies take priority over random targets. The Crown, The Hand or The Emissary may announce targets as the Conflict stage progresses and the Marshal is entrusted to ensure the alliance as a whole focus our AvA actions as effectively as possible.

While 'Conflict' (Stage 2 of the Cycle) is in progress the Marshal carries the authority of The Crown in any matter relating to AvA in his/her region.


Member of the Small Council.

Wardens are senior officers responsible for ensuring that the will of the Crown is carried out at all times of day or night.

Each Warden takes responsibility for a six hour period.
North: UTC 1800hrs-2400hrs
West: 2400hrs-0600hrs
South: 0600hrs-1200hrs
East: 1200hrs-1800hrs

A Warden does not need to be on for a six hour period, but s/he should be able to keep checking in during their assigned time to make sure that all is well with the alliance

Wardens not only keep the alliance on track when Crown and Hand are away, but are also expected look for potential officers who are active in their time zone. Any recommendations for promotion of prospective Officers can be raven'd to the Crown.

In the absence of The Crown or The Hand a Warden carries the full authority of The Crown in the general day to day activities of the alliance.

Exception to a Wardens authority:

  • During 'Conflict' Stage (2) of the World Event a Marshal has authority over his/her region regarding all AvA activity.


Member of the Small Council.

The Emissary is responsible for developing and maintaining diplomatic relations with other alliances. All alliance members are encouraged to develop relationships but The Emissary undertakes to do so on a formal basis.

The Emissary carries the authority of The Small Council in diplomatic negotiations and anyone else in regular contact with another alliance is required to inform The Emissary.

The Emissary works in close contact with The Crown and The Hand regarding diplomatic affairs and as such The Emissary can be considered as speaking with the full authority of The Crown regarding any diplomatic matters.


Member of the Small Council.

In the absence of the Crown, The Hand acts with the Crown's authority.
It is the duty of The Hand to assist The Crown with the duties of state and the efficient running of the Alliance.


Head of the Small Council.

Our Leader and final authority on any matter.

Although anyone within the alliance is free to offer proposals and suggestions, it is the responsibility of the Small Council to consider what should and should not be implemented with The Crown as final arbitrator.

Special Ranks

These titles do not confer any authority but
they do indicate special status for the individual.


The Honour Guard title is bestowed on those who have performed long duty or service to our alliance. The honorific is always bestowed with a qualifier.


These are Senior Members and above who actively participate in AvA.
We do not announce or advertise who is among our Roses & Thorns; they are our fighting elite, they know it, we know it, no one else needs to know.

[Alliance Name] AMBASSADOR

Non-alliance members who are deemed trustworthy enough to be allowed access to our forum.

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