A Kongregate chat that made me smile

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A Kongregate chat that made me smile

Post by Aaron Gwynn on Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:46 am

Tell me you disagree...

Kongregate Chatters wrote:elindi: hmmm no you have to click the speed up button but it will still use things you might not want to use

Auralys: it will also mock your genitals and pee on your stuff. It's a mean button. Probably grew up on the streets.

Origin: it leaves the toilet seat up, too!

fbcr002: i like it. saves a click

NTFRemco: this game is all about clicking, how can you like something that takes that away from you? :-P

fbcr002: masochism, obviously

Origin: because some clicks are unnecessary

NTFRemco: that's borderline blasphemous, origin! :-P

Origin: like finish. that has no reason to exist.

smd333: don't you take away my finish button...

NTFRemco: it does! as you can click on another button!

NTFRemco: the only thing that can make this game better is more button clicking!

smd333: it's like cowbell...you can never have enough

fbcr002: you're right, i'm gonna request a ticket to take out my adventure party talent

Zenytia: Next, you'd be wanting a search feature in a web browser game. It's a slippery slope. Dogs and cats sleeping together...

NTFRemco: that's the spirit, fbcr002!

elindi: fbcr, just go ahead and ask them to eliminate it for everyone. You'll make sooooo many friends.

Auralys: I have a fever, and the only cure is more clicking

smd333: when they get around to ptp barter I will be a happy man

smd333: barter parties I mean

fbcr002: we should write an appreciation post in the forum for the PTP system

fbcr002: moar clicks!

feldspar3: no faster clicks!

Auralys: if you clicked and the sound was a cowbell, I might be happy

NTFRemco: I see an 'X' in the upper right hand corner of that screen, what happens if I click on that?!?

elindi: and pleeeeeeeze more gears I love the gears

Origin: you get to click more

Zenytia: oooo oo I'm clicking my life away, lloking for a better way, for ptp

fbcr002: you should only be able to buy in the shop by clicking one silver at a time

fbcr002: y'know, to teach the value of a dollar

smd333: sell all button...sigh

Rivekei: I wanted to click "like" on that idea

elindi: then you'd get to piss off everyone behind you in line, like the person at check out who pays with nickels

fbcr002: a cashier at the shop! great idea

Zenytia: pffft, nickles ?!!? Pennies from heaven Eli

fbcr002: a cashier that handles everyones transaction

elindi: I know fbcr and have them write receipts with a quill

fbcr002: you press buy and a timer starts lol

elindi: lol fb that's an awesome idea you are full of WIN today
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