Our Officers

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Our Officers

Post by Aaron Gwynn on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:47 am

High Gardens Freedom Alliance
Leader & Officers

The Crown
Alysanne Greenvale

The Hand of the Crown
Merelynn Redwyne

The Emissary


Warden of the North
The Crown

Warden of the West

Warden of the South

Warden of the East


Marshal of The Reach
The Crown


Notch Silverhair
Elfreda Quar
Samiyah Allyrion
Winter Flower
Gwin Dalt
Mya Blackberry
Monelia Silverspear
Lady Anna Stonetree
Aaron Gwynn


Aspirant Councillor

Honour Guard
(Do not contact)

Halem Farlen

Our Founder

Leyla Pizzino
Long and dedicated service

Lythene Hightower
Long and dedicated service

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